Free Worldwide Shipping!
Free Worldwide Shipping!

Shipping Policy

Free Shipping

Our strategic team tries their best to provide you FREE Shipping and they are thrilling the game. We provide 100% FREE SHIPPING to worldwide, On some of our items there is a minimum cap to be eligible for Free shipping but Hey! those are very few items and almost all of our products comes with absolutely Free shipping and no minimum cap.


About YOUR Order

To give you the best prices and trending items, we have established warehouses throughout the world and items are stored in different locations around the globe. If you have ordered multiple items, you may get parcels from different locations and each item could take anywhere between 1-5 weeks, sometimes it will arrive just within a day.

As soon as we get your order, We will ship the item from its corresponding location in order to prevent any delay.


What happens if my order gets stuck or lost in the mail?

Our shipping manager verifies all the addresses and items before shipping them and of course they all are being insured, but sometime things could turn up in different directions and items may get lost or hold up by custom. we HEARTILY APOLOGIZE for that. As the items are fully insured, we will able to send you a new package with fast shipping and if possible with tracking info as well.


Who will pay the customs and taxes?

99% of the items passes smoothly without any import duty or custom charges.

We ship items worldwide and each country charges different prices for different items. The prices you see on our website are without any custom and taxes.Import duties, or any other taxes may be charged once your item reaches its final destination.  There are very slight chances that customs will stop your item and would ask for some additional fee in order to clear the item, if that happens, We will not be responsible for any extra charge implied by customs or for any sort of import duty.